daddy’s little sweetpea – part two

June 30, 2007

if you haven’t read it yet, you can find part one below.

i watched as she tried to take all of my hard cock down in her mouth. i felt it hit the back of her throat and the slight gag. i watched as she pulled some of me out of her mouth only to try and take it all again. she looked up at me with a look of frustration and worry.

“don’t worry sweetpea, it takes time to learn how to deep throat a big cock” i reassured her “the more practice we give you the better you will get. she smiles and continues working at me.

her small hand jerked at my base as she continued to work on my cock head. she slides her mouth off of me and looks up at me with those big dark eyes, still tugging at my hardness.

“daddy, can i watch you squirt tonight? i just love watching your juice squirt out of you”

“why yes you can sweetpea, but you have to promise to clean up the mess you make, ok?”

“don’t worry daddy i love the taste of your baby juice”

she stares intently at my cock and she tightens her grip and jerks me a little faster.

“sweetpea, take your other hand and feel daddy’s balls. it will help him make him squirt harder for you”

her hand gently reaches up and plays with my balls. watching her watch my cock is almost too much for me to handle any more. her little fingers smear my precum over the head of my cock making not only it glisten, but her fingers also. sticky strings of precum gluing us together.

“uuuuunnnnnnnn” escapes from my mouth as she suddenly looks up at me

“am i doing it wrong” she asks

my words are barely audible, ragged, and hardly make sense

“no, shit, keep jerk me off sweetpea. make come daddy” there is no holding back as i watch her eyes drift back to staring at my cock, just in time to watch me squirt all over my stomache. the smile on her face grows each time i come. with each spurt she tugs upwards as if to make sure every drop is milked from my cock. my body twitches and jerks as i finish but she keeps on pulling.

i don’t have to say a word about her promise, i just watch her bend her head down and start to lap up each stream of come on my flesh, her hand never letting go of my cock. her tongue burning a trail across my body.

i sit up on the edge of the bed and stand her up. i unbutton her shirt so i can see and feel those tits of her.

“goodness princess, you are growing into such a beautiful girl. such lovely tits. the boys must like you and try and play with you.”

“yes they do. but i don’t let them, i know that i am daddy’s little girl and only daddy gets to play with me.”

i tug at her nipples, watching them grow. playing with her mounds of soft flesh. my mouth nibbles at each nipple, biting them until i feel them grow even harder. i slip my hands under her skirt, feeling their way up her legs and over her panties. a moan releases from her throat as my finger press between her legs against her pussy, her panties are soaked. my fingers finding their way under the elastic of her panties. i run my hands over the ass cheeks, grabbing and squeezing them.

“mmm – daddy’s little sweetpea is wet like a naughty slut gets. do you make yourself feel good thinking about daddy?”

this time it is her that can barely get the words out, i feel her knees tremble as she concentrates to keep standing my finger playing with her breasts and precious pussy.

“yes i do. i play with my little pussy thinking about you and how i can make you happy” her tone is quiet and dreamy sounding.

i slowly pull down her panties, pushing them down to her ankles with my foot. when she steps out of them, i pick them up and bring them up to my face. i bury my nose in them smelling her sweet young sex. i slip my tongue out tasting her come soaking the crotch. my other hand slowly runs back and forth between her lips. i watch as she closes her eyes and moans. her head falling back.

“lay down on the bed and show me how you play with yourself princess. show me how you make yourself happy when we talk on the phone. this time i want to watch you come for daddy”

i stand from the bed and lower her down. my cock has never softened after her blow/hand job. i pull a chair over so i can watch her. i want to see each fold of her sex and see each action of her fingers and reaction of her perfeclty smooth pussy.

at first she is hestitant, her hands sliding under her skirt and her legs barely spread, but already her breath is ragged and uneven.

“sweetpea, i can’t see. pull up your skirt and spread your legs. i want to watch you like you have watched me. it is only fair if you let daddy watch too”

her other hand tugs at the hem of her skirt as she raises up her ass pulling the skirt around her waist. her socking legs slowly spread so i can see her pretty pussy. it shines in the light. perfectly smooth as she promised she would shave clean for me.

her labia is swollen and flush with excitement. one finger is pushed up into her hole. as she pulls it out i can see a ring of her come around it. i start to jerk off watching her, listening to her. one finger turns into two fingers fucking her little cunt. her other hand finds her clit and begins grinding her fingers against it. i watch her chest heave as her breathing increases. i watch her suple white hips starting to buck against her hands. her ragged breath fades into moans, melting further into groans. she pulls her legs back and spreads them even further as goans are now morphing into squeals and whines. i stand up between her legs, looking down and watching her hands working her pussy into a froth.

“oh daddy, i want to come too. i feel so happy, i want to come for you”

i jerk even harder on my cock as i watch her. i close my eyes for a second and just listen to her. it was the sound of her coming that first pushed me over the edge like no one else has. mmm – i can hear she is so close now.

“oooo, uuuunnnn, FUCK! sweetpea i come again, with, come, damn, come with me my little sweetpea. come with daddy now”

i can hear her starting her orgasm. now i get to watch her coming. it is all overwhelming. i grab my balls wanting to sqeeze out every last drop of come i have left in me. i see her face scrunch up and a tear form in the corner of her eye. that is the living end for me. i cry out, moan and groan like i do when i come. i watch the cum fly from my cock and splash on her hands frantically working on her orgasm. i listen to her cry and moan as she hits hers. i watch her rubbing my come into that sweet smooth pussy. i watch as her head thrashes from side to side as the tears go from welling up to running down her face.


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  1. ohhhhh W, you are on a roll.

    i cannot wait to read more.


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