Tie Me Up

October 2, 2006

I let my hand drift under my belt and into my boxers. My fingers roam for a minute, I pull them out and bring them to my nose. MMMmmmm, the smell of last night. I feel my cock harden as I try and concentrate on finishing this posting.

The wife and I got home the other night, a little drinking going on, little buzzed. As I open the front door she whispers in my ear “tie me up”. Damn, I stumbled inside. Even in the dimm light I can see her nipples stiffening. Her hand rubs the front of my jeans. I watch her slowly drop to the floor, undoing my jeans.

Her cool hand, pulls out my cock. Her hand slowly sliding pull back and forth, her lips wrap around me and I feel her tongue bath me. She can work it when she wants to and tonight is one of those night. I can see one hand down her pants and in her panties. I tap on her shoulder and she looks up at me

“my job not yours, hand out” I tell her. I don’t want her going and cuming before she is supposed to.

She pulls out hand and releases my cock at the same time, then puts her fingers in her mouth to taste them and clean them off.

I grab her hand and pull her upstairs. Clothes being shed along the way. I stop at the office to pick some things up. When I enter the bedroom, she is laying on the bed spread eagle and ready for me. Her pussy is nice and trimmed up today, wow, what is going on and who is this chick in my bed. The twitching of my cock reminds me to get back to business.

I climb on top of her, my cock resting between her breasts. I grab one wrist, cinch and buckle, the other cinch and buckle and tie them to the head board. I put a pillow under her ass and restraint her legs. I straddle her again, pushing my member between her lips. She greedly sucks me in. I reach behind to feel how wet she is, she moans with my in her mouth. Wanting that feeling one more time, I slide my fingers up her pussy. I reach down and pinch a hardened nipple and her back archs off the bed.

I look around the room, we really need to buy some fucking toys already I think to myself – note to look into it later. The tube my cigar early in the night will have to do for now.

Normally wife only cums once, maybe twice and that is it. Tonight, I want to see how many I can get out of her. Not sure if she thought her request thru. The metal touches her pussy and I see her tense up, I slowly push it in, twisting it as I go. In and out. I love to watch her pussy get red, the wetness spill out of her. I spread her lips and as I fuck her, I suck in her clit, teasing it with my tongue. I show it no mercy and my pace does not relent. I can feel her starting to cum, her hands with no where to go.

I leave the makeshift dildo in, releasing her legs only to place the rope behind her head, pulling back her legs and affording me better access. I watch as your convulsing pussy pushes out the tube. I know she wants something more so I get between her legs, sliding my aching cock up and down her slit. So wet and the heat of her pussy amazing. I tease my head between her lips as I watch her heah trash from side to side. She want to move as to make me enter her more, but can’t. I start to fuck her with fast long strokes. I lean down to whisper in her ear “cum for me wife, cum for me”. She reaches up and bites my ear. More startling then any thing else. I shuffle up and pound her poor little pussy, crashing into her hearing our skin smack. I watch her bite her lip and know she is cumming again.

“cum with me P, please cum with me”

I decided better of this. I pull out and put my head between her legs, sucking her clit one more time feeling her body convulse with her orgasm.

I just sit and look at her. My mutliorgasmic wife, if even for one night. Her chest flush with our activity so far. The room filled with the smell of our sex.

I let her go from her restraints and lie next to her. “make us cum together” I challenge her. She mounts me, moving slowly both of us wanting to feel every muscle, every ripple, every blood vien. Her head lowers on my chest, I can feel her lick my nipple only to take it between her teeth and bite it. My back arches and I slam my cock up into her.

She sits up and starts grinding aginst me. One hand on a breast, the other between her legs. Hands on my chest, she begins going up and down. I look down to watch my cock appear only to be swallowed whole by her pussy. She reaches behind and grabs my balls, moaning my ear “ready big boy?” I just slap her ass. She is back to grind back and forth on me. Both hands grab her tits, pulling at her nipples. I can feel her cumming, milking me, wanting to feel me cum in her. I grab her hips and shove myself all the way in her. I feel my head throbbing, each spurt crashing into her walls.

She collapse on me and we drifted off to sleep.

I am not sure how the wife found her inner slut (not sure I care), but I do hope it doesn’t go far.



  1. Good lord!!! That was hot! Glad your wife found her “inner slut” for you and I hope it doesn’t retreat!!!

    Hubby never ever ever (did I mention never) would do anything remotely close to this with me.

    Thanks for the great read. I think I need to start reading your blog at night … being so worked up first thing in the morning with no relief in sight makes for a long day LOL


  2. I’m not sure where it came from either but it certainly spells good news for you…and your readers!

  3. Mmmm, I love to be tied up! What I love even more than that though is spankings. Last week my hubby gave me such a good spanking my ass was red for hours….yummy!

    Hope your wife’s inner slut is here to stay for your sake!

  4. Yay!
    Maybe you should tell her much we love reading about her!
    I love love love your stories, they make me so wet!


  5. oblivion – I know what you mean. One long day when these blogs are read with morning coffee šŸ˜‰

    comy- thank you. I hope to keep everyone wet.

    andie – a little pain too, hhhhmmmm. I always think there is as much pain as there is pleasure

    rae – I am glad I can provide such a puddle for you šŸ˜‰ She almost stumbled on it once. . .

  6. fucking hot W.

    glad you had a hot time.


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