Late night fuck

October 8, 2012

I woke at 2:12am and wandered downstairs everyone else asleep. Channel flip 2 times over and just get pissed, my mind is wandering in 12 different directions with half a hard on. I strip an lay down on the couch.

My mind wandering towards sex, experiences of all kinds. My mind finally focusing on something.

I look at my cock as it seems to look back at me.

The first image harks back to the picture of the panties in my last post. The days sitting in the park stroking myself while talking to her on the phone. The dirty words. The things I would do to her if were there on the bed. Her soft moans, the buzz of her vibrator, a gasp of breath. Imaging her cum flowing from her perfectly shaved pussy, smooth and wet. Her fingers sticky as she would stammer out a word. My cum wet and sticky in my shorts as I drove home after our session thinking of her soaked towel.

My cock hardens and twitches to life as I keep my hands under my ass seeing how long I can keep from touching it.

The last time I fucked S. Sitting on the sofa, her on her knees, cradling my cock and balls whispering the words “it is so beautiful” as she kissed it and licked it. Tossing her on her back, pulling her thong between her pussy lips seeing how wet was. Smelling her sweet scent of sex. Wanting to fuck her, but wanting to make her wait just as my hands want to touch my cock. Pulling down her panties and for a moment admiring her flush chest, red ripe lips; god those beautiful lips. Rubbing my cock so lightly between them teasing her clit before easing inside her. Watching her back arch and feeling her squeeze and making me work to get inside her.

My cock is aching, but tonight I am not going to touch it. It looks so perfect. Wide crown, nice and long and hard. jizz beginning to collect on the tip, almost ready to drip down.

The night J and first made love (fucked like bunnies). Both gasping for breath and smoking a cigarette. “no not know maybe in a hour or so” as she pushes me away. Later that night I woke from my sleep with a wicked hard-on, rolling over between her legs. A sleepy sigh rising to a throaty groan. Sinking into her still wet from our earlier escapade. A load of seed in her pussy and rolling back over to fall asleep once again. Looking over to see a grin as big as mine before finding my slumber.

At a drive in movie, the back seat of my Honda. Fingering S’s twat. One finger sliding in as if coated with butter. “more” she utters; then 2′ “more” she groans, then 3; “dammit” as she hisses in my ear and 4 slide in. She grabs my hair and grinds against my hand. Her hands fumble to open my pants and drops on top of me, riding me, fucking me, until I cum deep inside her.

The first time I was bound and helpless. Splay open on the bed. The first time as a sub. Bitch slapping me, pinching my nipples hard, biting any part of flesh she wanted. Her asshole smothered on my face. Rubbing it all over me. Then sinking her pussy on my cock. Pulling my cock out till my crown is squeezed my her pussy, tight as a cock ring. Pinching my nipple between her index finger and thumb, easing the needle into my flesh. Slowly pushing the steel through flesh. Grinning as she eases her pussy back and forth, pushing the needle further through.

The first night I was with J, both of us cross-legged on my bed. She was with someone and didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t have sex. “can we watch each other get off?” I asked. Both of us stripped staring at one another with the look of teenager staring at each other. Me looking at her hairy bush, pussy lips hid behind. Her staring at my twitching cock. “I just want to fuck you” she blurts out. “sorry your rules masturbation only tonight”. “who goes first?” “1-2-3” I whisper. She spreads her lips and strokes her clit as I grab my cock and begin to stroke. Moans begin with wicked grins back and forth as we both just want to fuck, raw hard fucking. She throws her head back with a scream only to whip back up as I cum, her mouth licking up my seed.

god damn my minds screams already, just touch your fucking self!!!

S in the football field. Her in her running shorts. We had just gone out for a walk and would up there on the bleachers. Making out like young lovers do. She grabs my hand and leads me to the other side of the field. She yanks my cock out of my shorts, pulling it hard. She shoves her shorts aside and drops on top of me, thrusting me into her. There is no contact save me dick to her pussy, bouncing up and down. I start to speak and she tell me to shut up. With a groan I cum inside of her as she squats on top of me with a grin. We walk back to her house as I see myself dripping from her shorts down her thigh with the smile only she has.

For a poor little geek boy I have lived a pretty good sex life I tell myself, watching the cum drip onto my stomach.

There is only so much I can take and spread the clear cum around my head, my crown, and tease the base. With all of the images and thoughts swimming through my head I am cumming like i have not in a long time. One spurt, then two, then convulsing out and over my hand. I watch every second of it thinking about each time I have seen or heard each of my lovers orgasm. I want them all again, I want to make the cream as I just have, I want all of them to share my cream. I want them all back again.


been too fucking long

October 2, 2012

Wood is back!!

it has been too long since i have posted. it has been too long since i have written many people. and it has been too fucking long since i have been just out right fucked. there is always that not lame, but lets make love. some days a boy just needs fucked. recently i was talking and made a joke “wanna get poked by a little boy with sweet sighs or fucked?” and conversation in sued  as to the difference. as is there a difference – but, but, you either know it, don’t like it, or revolt against it.

what do you think?

it has been a couple of years now but sweatpea has been on my mind lately. I was headed out to the coast for a conference and sent her a text while the plane was on the tarmac waiting to take off. I landed halfway there for a layover, but no response; oh well. Once I landed and pulled out my phone and looked down, there was an address. After heading to the hotel dropping off my stuff, I grabbed a taxi and head to it. It is a local dive bar some local band playing. I stop in the doorway scanning the scene. First I see her rack, then her hair, then her eyes, and then matching smiles as our eyes meet. I walk up to her holding out my arms her smile turns to a scowl; there is no hug, no kiss, no greeting but a stinging slap to my cheek. Mmmm – the burn from her fingers are more passionate then any hug or kiss I have ever had.


“Thanks bitch, good to see you too” I retort with an evil grin. I pull back as her hand comes up once again, but this time it is to stroke my still burning, red cheek.
Drinks go down quickly, the conversation flows of catching up on the roller coaster that is life.
With an evil smirk she asks “so you wanna fuck already”. sweat pea always could read my mind one step before my mouth could act.
After all of the conversation and laughs it was a silent walk to the elevator, not a word spoken on the ride up, door opens and she spins on her heels stomping out. Like a puppy dog I follow behind watching her ass. Lusting to get my cock in her pants. I had my plans for the night, but I know she holds the trump card.
Click, the door is opened; bam, click, shut and locked.
Her nails dig through my hair, scaring my scalp as tongues explore each other like teenagers. As quickly as it started my head is shoved back and greeted with another stinging slap followed by “get naked Wood”. She sits down on the bed and watches me stripping, no more of ripping, off my clothes, my fingers desperately stumbling trying to work too fast – why did I wear the damned button fly?. All the while she giggles sucking on her middle finger her legs rubbing up and down. Slowly she saunters over to me, looks into my eyes, and squeezes my throbbing cock. Using it as a leash pulls me towards one of the chairs in the room. Spinning me around shoving me down into it.
I don’t even know where it came from but she grabs my hand, slaps it on the arm of the chairs, and starts to whip duct tape around it. Half of me wants to fight back, half of me knows better. The other arm is secured quickly as well.  Her nails scape along my balls, tighening them and making my cock twitch even more. Dropping to her knees she licks me from my asshole up to the crown of my dick, enveloping the head, eating it all. Her teeth scrapping over the head, feeling her suck in a deep breath before taking it all. Her throat muscles choking down even inch of me. With a gasp she releases me standing up.
“so what, you want me to get you off? Probably want to fuck me too, huh?” said with a sultry snarl.
“please” I stammer while trying to nod my head.
laughing she walks out of the room into the bathroom. It is quiet at first. then moans, then the sounds of her vibrator and her cumming with groans.
she comes back into the room walking by me and smearing her cum covered fingers under my nose, across my lips saying “wanna know what I just did?” laughing. My balls are literlly blue and my cock aching to be touched and she knows it. She grabs it, it is not a squeeze but more like being in a vice. Pulling from the base up to the head. Shoving her freshly creamed vibrator up my ass.
“so you really wanna get off” she asks again. My head shutters a nod yet again.
She takes one of my legs and drapes my knee over my wrist and slowly wraps the tape around it. And then the other, making sure I am splay wide open and no hope of touching myself. Feeling the pluses from her vib from the inside out.
Pulling up a chair in front of me, one hand pulls at her nipples through her dress, the other hand disappearing between her legs with a gasp as she sucks in air. I can’t see her, but I can smell her. As if walking out the front door after a spring rain, the smell of earth; my nostrils flare sucking in the sweet scent of her sex.
Sweatpea pulls her dress off, strips off her bra, her red panties are crimson from her slit to her ass, soaked with her cum. “wanna see” she says with a teasing tone. Her hand dives inside them. I can see her rubbing her pussy – oh that sweet pussy, looks like she is pulling on her clit or is her finger sinking inside, but be damned if she is going to show me. Leaning back, grabbing her perfect fleshy tits, pulling at her pink nipples making them hard, moaning, the hand in her panties working overtime. I can see the cum on her panties spreading as she gets wetter and wetter. All the while I can do little more then struggle with my bonds and watch the clear cum ooze from my cock dripping down its length. My cock aching to be touched, sucked, fucked. Damned bitch is a master at her craft.
As she stands up, swaying her, those loucious hips back and forth works those panties down. I remember back to the first time I saw them wrapped around her ankles. To this day I can masturbate and cum with that lone image. For the first time I think I can cum without anyone touching me, but she won’t allow it andI know better she will let me know when it is time. She swings around, bends over to display that ass to me; a little further so I can see her cum soaked slit, her sweet little asshole. As soon as her panties hit the floor she picks them up and shoves them in my mouth. “Oh holy fuck” runs through my mind. The smell of her pussy, the taste of her cum. My hands tug harder at my bonds. My tongue seeking out the wettest spots; intoxicated, overwhelmed from my senses. I want nothing else but to throw her to the floor and fuck the living shit out of her. No not, her, not sweat pea, she won’t have it that cunt it would be too easy you see. And my little slut knows it.
“am I ready? am I wet enough for you?” sweatpea says with a wicked laugh as she sits back down tossing her legs across the arms of her chair as well. Both of us on complete display. “wanna play with pussy? come on over.” She says while reaching over and picks up a cigarette. I watch her as she takes the first drag, her lips wrapped around it, her chest heaves as she inhales. The smoke slowly rolling from her nostrils. She doesn’t touch herself, but I can see her cum dripping from her pussy over her asshole and with her wicked smile she watches the clear cum ooze from my cock as it twitches. The girl can soak 3 towels and the bed sheets on a normal day. Both of us staring at each other. Her reveling in the sexual torture she knows how to inflict and me wanting to please her; no lets be honest, fuck her and feel my own pleasure if she will allow it.
She wants me as much as I want her, she just has the patience of a cat stalking its prey. Like the cat that likes to play with the little mouse it just caught, not killing it, but tossing it around for fun. “down junior” my mind races, enjoy it as long as you can; I know I won’t get the queen’s treatment for a long time.
Biting her lip, sucking her finger, playing with her smooth shaven pussy, pulling on her tits all the while taunting me. “wanna touch it don’t you? wanna taste it? I know you wanna fuck it. look at your cock and tell me you don’t want me. you think you are gonna get to fuck me? I tell you what if you can touch it you are allowed to cum for me”.
Slowly, very slowly making sure the torture is not just seen but felt, she rubs her fingers along her slit, gently pulling on her clit, then spanking it. Lingering, gathering every bit of cum she can before she tastes herself. A pool of her cum soaking the chair. No words, just a long throaty sigh. She knows I know how good she tastes, her panties still stuffed in my mouth. Dying for a gasp of air, but not wanting to let go of her smell, her taste, not knowing if I will have it again before the night is over.
Walking over to my chair she waves her tits, pressing those prefect fleshy tits against my face. Spitting out her panties I dodge my mouth and latch onto a nipple, like a newborn to a teet seeking their first milk. I need to feel her. I suck it hard, grazing my teeth against her nipple wanting to bite down to pay her back but know better. For moment, one moment she stops and moans in my ear before pulling away and slapping my cock. She slaps it a second time but as I glare at her she realizes I am getting a little too much pleasure from finally being touched. Not to be outdone, she slides my cock between her ass checks as I watch our cum intermingle in her crack. All I can do is watch hoping she will slide just right so I can thrust my cock in that beautiful tight pussy, even if just for one second. Like I could be so lucky. She heads once again to her chair with that damned wicked laugh.
My head is spinning, my cock is throbbing, balls are aching, my ass pulsing, the air thick with the scent of her cunt and she sits back down. Spread wide, showing me her pussy dripping with cum. Thighs glisten with her wetness. With a dark, deviant smile on her face, a finger sinking into her pussy, she commands me
“so come fuck me already little man” . . .

sunday morning in bed

July 24, 2007

i woke up from a naughty dream, i do wish i could remember who or what it was about. i do remember that delicious feeling of my morning wood. and today it was hard and proud. if i had to describe it as a real tree, it would be the mighty oak today.

i rolled on my back, looked down and just admired it. flexing my muscles and making it twitch up and down. feeling it from the base up to the crown of the head. i am amazed when it gets this hard and yet the right touch can make it
flex and expand a litle more. i stroke it, twisting my hand as it goes up and down the length. i can hear your soft breath, you sucking in as your fingers touch your pussy. a slew of naughty words from my mouth
and your breath becomes more ragged. i silently grunt and jerk, slow and hard. in my mind i can hear the buzz of your vibrator in the background and the gasp in your breath as it touches your sex. i
squeeze out a little lotion, rubbing it over my cock,making it slick, just like your pussy would if i could fuck it. i pick up the pace, feeling my sac, feeling it pull up against my crotch. jerking harder
and faster, i can hear your ragged breath, whispers of “fuck me” escape your mouth. i hear your moans and groans, as today all i can do is silently grunt in my head, wanting to cry out. the faster i tug,
the words race through my head that i want to spill out to you – how i want to fuck you, what that pretty pussy is like, what a naughty little slut you are, how i will fill you with my come. i can feel the
come start to move through me. the head of my cock is sensitive. that time where i could make it last a little longer, but i haven’t come in days and i need to today. i wait until i can hear you tell me to “come
with me, come with me”. with a barely audible whimper, i jerk my cock, my legs spread, and play with my balls, squeezing them to make sure i get every bit of come. i look down to watch the come fly out of me and
land on my stomache. i can feel my come making its way out of me. my muscles around my cock flexing forcing out the first spurt, then a second and third, until it is dribbling on my pubic hair. i keep on
jerking my overly senstive cock, thinking about how if it were in you, you would flex those pussy muscles and keep me hard. i slow play with myself as i drag my finger through the sticky, warm, and stringy come. slowly i write your intials in it. when done with the last letter, i take a bit on my finger tip and taste it, mmmm a little salty and there is something else, but i have never been able to fully describe the taste, but so good.

then as they say all good things must come to an end as i hear the wife creaking up the stairs to take her shower.


practice makes perfect

July 11, 2007

as from the last post, you can see how well my little sweetpea treats me. she is such a doll, daddy’s little fuckdoll.

after we first met, she brought up how she wanted to learn how to suck cock. how did she put it to me “i want to be the best cocksucker daddy has ever had. will you teach me?” well, how could i turn down a request to education such an eager student.


i can still see her the first time she blew me. sweetpea eargerly snatched my cock from my jeans. tugging at it, getting it hard. slurping and licking up and down the shaft, but barely taking the head in her mouth. i watched as her head bobbed up and down on me. gagging as she suddenly tried to take all of me down her throat. her tongue barely moved and instead of nibbling on my cock, it was as if she was chewing on my dick. she was taken off gaurd how hard i came in her mouth, shooting down her throat and she choked on it a little. she wasn’t the best, but she showed a lot of potentional and an eargerness i have not seen in many girls. since then she has listened and done just as i have instructed her. she is well on her way to be the best little cocksucker daddy has ever experienced.

now i love to watch her kneel before me as she teases me hard with her nails grazing my thighs and kisses up my shaft. her tongue flicking and dancing over my taut flesh. i feel her soft hands cup my sac, gently massaging my balls back and forth. lingering licks make my cock glisten in the light of the room. just as i tease her pussy by slowly easing my cock in, she teases her lips down the length of my dick. her tongue washing over every inch. her hands work both the lower part of my cock and my balls. i wink at her and she places her hands on my hips, only touching me with me mouth now. her teeth graze over the crown of my cockhead, it makes me shudder everytime she does that. finally she work my whole cock in her mouth. i can feel it enter her throat and while she can take it all down, it still makes her gag each time. it almost makes me come as i feel her throat constrict around my cock and hearing the choking sound. i grab her ears and hold her head so she can’t pull away. i hold it there feeling her muscles working until i see a tear run down her cheek. i pull my hands away to bursh her tears. she leans back but never very far. i watch as the viscuos spit from her throat strings from her lips to my penis. she catches her breath and then goes back to working on my cock, trying to suck the come out of me. her fingers sqeeze at my testes and a finger brushes against my asshole.

depending on my mood and how good she has been depends on whether i will come in her mouth or over her face. she loves to eat my come, to lick any drop that escapes the grip of her lips. so if she has been a good little sweetpea, she gets a mouthful to savor like a fine chocolate. if she has been a naughty sweetpea, i come all over her hair and face. letting my come run down her flesh, but not allowing her to taste any of me. not only next time after she has redeemed herself.

since then, she takes every oppurtunity she can to unbutton my jeans and suck my cock. and i never discourage her, but encourage such actions. and it can be anytime watching tv, driving out to a date, during a movie, or waking me up in the morning. if she keeps up this pace, she is going to spoil me for every other woman who tries to give me a blowjob. it is like i have told her from that first blowjob, practice makes perfect.


Shhh Daddy sleeps

July 6, 2007

i am being very sneaky since Daddy is fast asleep. i plan on surprising him when he wakes up for work with a nice blowjob because i have seen how hard he gets in the morning. he has the kind of cock that a girl would love to gag on and he enjoys it more when i gag and my eyes water. i love leaving my slutty red lip stick around his cock. that way he will go to work with a bit of me on him.


daddy’s little sweetpea – part 3

July 3, 2007

i collapse next to my little baby fuckdoll, my precious sweetpea. i can feel our breath and hearbeats begin to slow down and almost sync with one another.

i glance over at the clock and see how late it is. “come on honeybuns, we need to get cleaned up” i tell her.

“but” i hear her start in protest.

“don’t give me any shit sweetpea; not now, we have reservations for dinner and need to get cleaned up.”

i look down and soak up the image of her cum stained body. some still wet and sticky, some on her thighs and tummy dried. the smell in the room is intoxicating, but know we need to have an ounce of decorum in public. so both of us protesting we get into the steaming shower.

i memorized each part of her body as i lather my hands and gently wash off our exploits from the day so far. washing and feeling her tits to the point of getting her aroused again. washing off her pretty smooth cunt. taking my time feeling the handfulls of hair as i wash her hair for me. then she starts to wash me. being sure to find every crevise on my body. there is something so erotic about grooming one another, as if to further learn more about the other.

once out i help her pick out her outfit for the evening. a low-cut blouse, push up bra, a modest skirt not too short, but nothing past her knees, pink lacy panties, black thigh-high stocking and some smoking heels. i watch her as she gets dressed. and she doesn’t mearly get dressed, but puts on a show for me. i swear the little bitch knows how to fuck with my mind more then any other women. she knows we don’t have time to stop and fuck, but she will remind me of what is waiting; of what she has.

that is ok – it can work both ways and i have my own ideas to pay her back for this little show. i smirk just thinking about my lovely little sweetpea.

as a finishing touch I ask her to put her hair in pig tails, i brought some pink ribbons to top it all off. god damn, as much as i want to bend her over and fuck my little sweetpea right here and now, i also want to show her off. she is daddy beautiful, sexy, little sweetpea.

we head down the lobby and pick up a cab.

as soon as we get in the backseat, she swings her legs over mine. half sitting on my lap and half sitting on the seat. as she plays with my hair she is also blowing kisses to the handsome forgeiner driving the cab. i watch his eyes as they dart back and forth from her to me. i watch as she licks her lips in her seductive way and then runs her tongue over my ear, breathing deeply.

“daddy where are we going for dinner?” she asks in a coy tone of voice.

i can only smile as i see his expression drop into shock or it is amazment.

“well sweetpea, you have been a good little girl so far today, so someplace special” i respond as i turn and kiss her on her full, red lips. my hand slips up her skirt and feels her crotch. her panties are damp already. i watch as her eyes close and a quiet groan espaces from her parted lips. her heads falls on my shoulder.

the driver barely keeps his eyes on the road, but thankfully the trip is quick and we arrive in a few minutes.

i reserved a semi-private table. i like to show off my little girl and see the reactions of the other men and their dates or wives.

the wine and appetizers arrive. at first the waiter gave us no notice, just going about doing his job. but after catching us during a couple of deep kisses and fumbling gropes, he starts to give us the odd look and disapproving eye roll. the table caddy corner to us sits an older couple. while the lady seems disgusted and refuses to look over at us since the fist glance, the man cannot keep his eyes off of us. truthfully he can’t keep his eyes off of sweetpea. every now and again i watch and chuckle as his wife catches him and slaps his arm and scolds him.

i lean over to my little lover and whisper in her ear, ending my sentence with a flick of my tongue and a deep hot breath in her ear. i turn my head towards her and see her biting her lips with those dark pouty eyes. she slides out of her seat and disappears for several minutes.

when she gets back she has a smile on her face and flush look on her exposed chest. i watch the old man still watching us intently. i watch them just as close, my concentration broken my the squeeze of her hand on the crotch of my pants. i look down to see her pretty, pink lacy panties in her hand. i reach down, envolpe her hand and sqeezing hers a little harder down on my stiff cock.

“excuse me for a minute, i need to use the restroom darling”

“ok daddy” shes says loud enough where the older couple both turn their heads and look over at us. both of them with blank, glazed looks on their faces.

i get up and start to walk towards the restroom. i pull my hand from my jacket pocket and can smell the hint of her sex on my fingers. at the same time i can feel my cock stiffen. i quickly put my hand in my slacks pocket and hold my cock against my thigh. as proud as i am of my cock, this is not the place to be showing off, or is it?

i get in the restroom and none too soon as I can feel my cock harden to its fullness. i enter and stall, lock the door and unzip my pants. i take her panties out of my pocket and bring them up to my face and inhale deeply and start to stroke myself. i close my eyes, smelling her sweet little pussy and thinking back to watching her bring herself to her orgasm. thinking about the orgasm i told her to go and have in the bathroom. the panties are slightly sticky and smell like heaven. i jerk harder, the only thing i want right now is to come. i can feel my balls boil and tighen crawl up in me. i rub my fingers over the soft cotton crotch of her panties, yanking them up to my nose, inhaling deeply as i wrap her panties around my cock. stroking it with the soft feel of the silk. with a silent groan i come in her panties. i look down and can’t tell which wet spot is hers or mine. i clean myself off with them and put them back in my pocket.

i flush the john and open the door to see the old man standing at a urinal. lost in my own fantasy world i don’t even hear as he entered the room. i wash my hands, and start to dry them as he comes over and does the same. general stupid small talk is made. with an evil grin on my face, i bump into him stuffing the come cover panties into his suite pocket.

i exit the restroom and head back to the table. i slide back in next to my little honeybuns. grinning my wicked grin at her. she smiles a confused smile at me. enteries are there so we start to eat dinner. she keeps on nudging me as to what was going on, but i don’t let on. every now and again, my hand drifts under the table and under her skirt to feel her dripping pussy. i wiggle my finger up and down her slit making her even more wet and her eyes close.

as we order desert, the old couple gets up to leave. before they do, the old man approaches our table leaning over and whispering to us

“thank you. you have made a dirty old man very happy tonight” and he leaves with his wife. her giving him a disapproving look all the way out the door.

i look over and smile at her and her hand dips into my pocket. then with a wicked grin of her own, she asks “you didn’t?”

“i did” with a double-wicked grin.

as we get up to leave after desert i have my hand on the small of her back, escorting her out. i look down to see the wet spot on her skirt from where she was sitting. just when i thought i couldn’t smile any bigger, i do.


daddy’s little sweetpea – part two

June 30, 2007

if you haven’t read it yet, you can find part one below.

i watched as she tried to take all of my hard cock down in her mouth. i felt it hit the back of her throat and the slight gag. i watched as she pulled some of me out of her mouth only to try and take it all again. she looked up at me with a look of frustration and worry.

“don’t worry sweetpea, it takes time to learn how to deep throat a big cock” i reassured her “the more practice we give you the better you will get. she smiles and continues working at me.

her small hand jerked at my base as she continued to work on my cock head. she slides her mouth off of me and looks up at me with those big dark eyes, still tugging at my hardness.

“daddy, can i watch you squirt tonight? i just love watching your juice squirt out of you”

“why yes you can sweetpea, but you have to promise to clean up the mess you make, ok?”

“don’t worry daddy i love the taste of your baby juice”

she stares intently at my cock and she tightens her grip and jerks me a little faster.

“sweetpea, take your other hand and feel daddy’s balls. it will help him make him squirt harder for you”

her hand gently reaches up and plays with my balls. watching her watch my cock is almost too much for me to handle any more. her little fingers smear my precum over the head of my cock making not only it glisten, but her fingers also. sticky strings of precum gluing us together.

“uuuuunnnnnnnn” escapes from my mouth as she suddenly looks up at me

“am i doing it wrong” she asks

my words are barely audible, ragged, and hardly make sense

“no, shit, keep jerk me off sweetpea. make come daddy” there is no holding back as i watch her eyes drift back to staring at my cock, just in time to watch me squirt all over my stomache. the smile on her face grows each time i come. with each spurt she tugs upwards as if to make sure every drop is milked from my cock. my body twitches and jerks as i finish but she keeps on pulling.

i don’t have to say a word about her promise, i just watch her bend her head down and start to lap up each stream of come on my flesh, her hand never letting go of my cock. her tongue burning a trail across my body.

i sit up on the edge of the bed and stand her up. i unbutton her shirt so i can see and feel those tits of her.

“goodness princess, you are growing into such a beautiful girl. such lovely tits. the boys must like you and try and play with you.”

“yes they do. but i don’t let them, i know that i am daddy’s little girl and only daddy gets to play with me.”

i tug at her nipples, watching them grow. playing with her mounds of soft flesh. my mouth nibbles at each nipple, biting them until i feel them grow even harder. i slip my hands under her skirt, feeling their way up her legs and over her panties. a moan releases from her throat as my finger press between her legs against her pussy, her panties are soaked. my fingers finding their way under the elastic of her panties. i run my hands over the ass cheeks, grabbing and squeezing them.

“mmm – daddy’s little sweetpea is wet like a naughty slut gets. do you make yourself feel good thinking about daddy?”

this time it is her that can barely get the words out, i feel her knees tremble as she concentrates to keep standing my finger playing with her breasts and precious pussy.

“yes i do. i play with my little pussy thinking about you and how i can make you happy” her tone is quiet and dreamy sounding.

i slowly pull down her panties, pushing them down to her ankles with my foot. when she steps out of them, i pick them up and bring them up to my face. i bury my nose in them smelling her sweet young sex. i slip my tongue out tasting her come soaking the crotch. my other hand slowly runs back and forth between her lips. i watch as she closes her eyes and moans. her head falling back.

“lay down on the bed and show me how you play with yourself princess. show me how you make yourself happy when we talk on the phone. this time i want to watch you come for daddy”

i stand from the bed and lower her down. my cock has never softened after her blow/hand job. i pull a chair over so i can watch her. i want to see each fold of her sex and see each action of her fingers and reaction of her perfeclty smooth pussy.

at first she is hestitant, her hands sliding under her skirt and her legs barely spread, but already her breath is ragged and uneven.

“sweetpea, i can’t see. pull up your skirt and spread your legs. i want to watch you like you have watched me. it is only fair if you let daddy watch too”

her other hand tugs at the hem of her skirt as she raises up her ass pulling the skirt around her waist. her socking legs slowly spread so i can see her pretty pussy. it shines in the light. perfectly smooth as she promised she would shave clean for me.

her labia is swollen and flush with excitement. one finger is pushed up into her hole. as she pulls it out i can see a ring of her come around it. i start to jerk off watching her, listening to her. one finger turns into two fingers fucking her little cunt. her other hand finds her clit and begins grinding her fingers against it. i watch her chest heave as her breathing increases. i watch her suple white hips starting to buck against her hands. her ragged breath fades into moans, melting further into groans. she pulls her legs back and spreads them even further as goans are now morphing into squeals and whines. i stand up between her legs, looking down and watching her hands working her pussy into a froth.

“oh daddy, i want to come too. i feel so happy, i want to come for you”

i jerk even harder on my cock as i watch her. i close my eyes for a second and just listen to her. it was the sound of her coming that first pushed me over the edge like no one else has. mmm – i can hear she is so close now.

“oooo, uuuunnnn, FUCK! sweetpea i come again, with, come, damn, come with me my little sweetpea. come with daddy now”

i can hear her starting her orgasm. now i get to watch her coming. it is all overwhelming. i grab my balls wanting to sqeeze out every last drop of come i have left in me. i see her face scrunch up and a tear form in the corner of her eye. that is the living end for me. i cry out, moan and groan like i do when i come. i watch the cum fly from my cock and splash on her hands frantically working on her orgasm. i listen to her cry and moan as she hits hers. i watch her rubbing my come into that sweet smooth pussy. i watch as her head thrashes from side to side as the tears go from welling up to running down her face.